Steve Albini has a food blog. this is somewhat surprising to me for a number of reasons. for one, albini first established his considerable indie/undie rep by fronting chicago’s big black, which spewed metallic shards of nastiness from the grooves of a handful of EPs and albums in the ’80s.

since then, albini has gone on to become a producer of note in the alt-scene (although he’d probably filet me alive for putting it that way), working on albums ranging from nirvana’s in utero to slint’s spiderland to pj harvey’s dry to surfer rosa from the pixies.

all the while, he’s had a rep as, shall we say, a darkly amusing misanthrope. i always had a vision of him as glowering and hunched over, in a corner, firing off insults at the world and generally hating life. whilst producing some awesome albums.

so i’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance with the food blog scenario. it’s not that misanthropes can’t have food blogs, it’s just that, well, it doesn’t really seem like their calling. but life can surprise one.

anyways, said blog also features recipes for meals that he serves to his wife, Heather. the fact that albini has a wife surprises me as well, given the fact that following big black, he fronted a band called rapeman. which put out an album called two nuns and a pack mule. i just don’t get a nuptial vibe out of that, y’know? but hey – congrats!

but i digress. let me just say that the muso-food blogger trend seems to be growing. fr’exmaple, check out what blur’s bassist – aka “the dairy world’s answer to the stooges” – has recently turned his talents to. and while we’re on the tasting tip, you can also sample some spaghetti pomodoro and other vegan treats, courtesy of the post punk kitchen.

i’d like to end this, however, on the dark side. things usually taste better there anyways. bon appetit. and hail seitan!