More than two decades ago, My bloody valentine’s loveless came out. since then, its rawk-transforming template has blown minds (and blown out speakers), and left glide-guitar obsessives drooling for more. indeed, over the years, the rumour mill (for people who care about these things) has continued to churn out tempting nuggets about that elusive follow-up alb, set to appear…some golden, glorious day, when the stars align and the sonic buddhas smile.

Well, that day may now be tantalizingly close at hand. both pitchfork and fact posted items recently about the impending release of the hallowed third album – BY THE END OF 2012, NO LESS! Granted, we’ve heard this one before. So time will tell if this is actually the real deal, or just another cruel hoax on the part of the drone pop deities.

Either way, I’m a bit torn. given that loveless informed my sonic predelictions to the nth degree, I’d be falling over myself to get ahold of a new MBV slab. That said…there’s always been something sort of agonizingly sweet about the whole process, waiting for that mythic album that never arrives, the ultimate unrequited love, filling in the blanks for a follow-up that would somehow surpass Loveless. it just ain’t possible…(is it?). in any event, I’m mesmerized by Kevin Shields’s pitchfork quote: “Based on the very, very few people who’ve heard stuff – some engineers, the band, and that’s about it – some people think it’s stranger than Loveless. I don’t.”

so is the end in sight? we shall see. in the meantime, pondablog shall swoon at the possibilities. just don’t go folk, valentines.